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Charmed - Piper/Leo

sneakyangel in tracertwins


Graceless is now available for download!

I loved every second of it! I will write a proper review of it when I have more time (I don't seem to have any time to do anything at the moment)

What do you all think? I'd like to know your opinions of Graceless.


Argh I'm torn. Do I listen now or wait for my CDs to arrive....?

Hm. I think I'm going for the latter. I always like listening from the CD, for some reason.
It is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT STUFF!!!!!!! Different from what I was expecting, but still marvellous.
I'm looking forward to it. I promised hoshinekoyasha more of her Academy-verse AU fic, so hopefully it'll inspire that.
Ummmmmm it might, but it might not.
Hah. Well I'll find out soon. It'll take me a while to listen to it. I want to pace myself. :-)
I tried to do that. It didn't work though.
I'm not good at pacing myself when it is something I am excited about.

Anyway, I've got to go otherwise I'll miss my train. enjoy Graceless.
And also, I'm surprised you brought this. I thought you'd gone of Big Finish for good.
The problem is more lack of money, than anything else. Plus a break has done me good. I'm nearly in the right mindset to start listening again.

And Gallifrey Season 4? I was NEVER not going to come back for that ♥
I would have been surprised if you hadn't come back for Gallifrey. Did you ever listen to the other Romana II CCs?
Not yet. I need a job before I can get them. :-(

Graceless/Gallifrey are my exceptions as I CANNOT go without them. It's not physically possible.
They aren't that great. The Beautiful People is definitely the better of the lot.
It was very shocking. I was expecting something more PG. I'm going to listen to it again and friday and put all my thoughts down then because three hours is really long. It sounded like the listener was meant to have a long break between each part (because there was a lot of recap). Overall I think I liked it.

The best part was the middleman quote.