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Big Finish has just announced that there will be a GRACELESS SERIES 2!!!!!!!!!!! This is fantastic news!!! I'm so happy that this series sold enough to be able to continue. Graceless is, IMO, the best box set Big Finish released last year, if not, their best ever box set!

Many of you have been asking about further adventures for Abby and Zara following the release of Graceless last year, and we’re pleased to announce that the time-travelling twins are set to return in Graceless 2 (CD Boxset or Download Boxset) later this year.

“We were so happy with the response to the first series of Graceless,’ says producer Mark Wright. “It became clear very quickly that the audience had taken Abby and Zara to their hearts and we were soon receiving requests for further adventures.”

Graceless follows Abby and Zara, the sisters created by the mysterious Grace to save the universe. They are now alone in a dangerous universe, their powers growing stronger as they jump from time to time. They’re only just finding out what they can do…

Writer Simon Guerrier has been working up storylines for the new three-part series, which will again be released as a box set. “I'm delighted Graceless has gone down so well, and thrilled to be writing more adventures for Abby and Zara,” he says. “We'll see them, Marek and baby Joy leaping through space and time, trying to help people and not always succeeding. First stop: the crawling city where Marek grew up and where his past is waiting...”

Graceless 2 will be released in December is now available for pre-order (CD Boxset or Download Boxset).

I'm so happy that Simon Guerrier is writing this again. it's only right, as Abby and Zara are his characters, he created them, and knows them the best. I really hope Lisa Bowerman directs them. She is the best director BF have, and she has directed all bar one of Abby (Amy) and Zara's stories. And I'm really happy that the story is carrying on from where it left off, with Marek and Zara's baby. And lastly, I spent the day with Ciara Janson (Abby) at a convention recently, and she is such a sweetheart, so I'm really happy for her to be able to carry on her role as Abby.


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Graceless II

Graceless 2 is now available as a stylish CD boxset and Digital Download at Big Finish!